Golden Retriever and Goldendoodle Hobby Breeder | Golden Vista Dogs & Doodles | Arlington, WA
Golden Retriever and Goldendoodle Hobby Breeder | Golden Vista Dogs & Doodles | Arlington, WA

Golden Vista Dogs

Our Family

Dane and Kelly married in the spring of 2003. Establishing their home in the beautiful foothills of the Cascade Range, both loving the simple country life. Starting out it was just the two of them and their first beautiful Golden Girl Liberty. Soon to follow was their wonderful son and daughter, Logan and Gwen. Next came the handsome Lincoln their first stud dog. Their family went from two to 6 in a matter of two years! Quickly outgrowing their modest home in town, they knew it was time for a bigger house and more land. This is where they established Golden Vista Dogs…the Doodles came later. The family has been on their mini farm for over eight years, with Dogs, Cats, Chickens, Rabbits and recently Geese. Kelly is a stay at home, homeschool mom. Taking care of kids and animals is a full-time job! Having the kids around nature and animals is their way of life it’s a joint effort for the whole family, one that is loved by all!

The History of Golden Vista Dogs

Growing up with parents who bred Goldens, it was always a dream for Kelly to do the same. Having a family history and an amazing breeder for a mentor to start out, was the perfect way to start the breeding program. The goal was to improve the Golden Retriever breed, through choosing the right temperament, the most beautiful and the healthiest dogs to breed. Adding the King Charles Cavalier Spaniel to make a “Mini- Golden” produced a compact sized, good natured, calm and healthy dog. They had several litters of “Mini’s” and everyone loves them, they are healthy, sweet and beautiful. However, the question kept coming up “Are they non-shed?” Well, they were not. After much thought it was decided, adding miniature poodles would give us the non-shedding that we wanted to offer. These dogs are non-shed, darling, with a sweet temperament, smart, compact and healthy!

Our Breeding Philosophy

Golden Vista Dogs and Doodles has a very simple breeding philosophy, breed the best quality dogs- health, temperament, confirmation (Confirmation in dogs refers solely to the externally visible details of a dog’s structure and appearance) Aiming for health above all else, beauty and temperament. Being very selective with the dogs that are chosen to breed. Golden Vista Dogs and Doodles are partnered with other breeders to keep our gene pool diverse. Using guardian homes for some of the dogs, to ensure that the dogs have all of the love and attention that each and every dog deserves.

Find Your New Puppy!

Meet Golden Vista puppies who are available for adoption as well as upcoming litters.
Golden Retriever and Goldendoodle Hobby Breeder | Golden Vista Dogs & Doodles | Arlington, WA
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